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SpeakAsia Online Scam or Opportunity

Speak Asia Online is a Singapore based company (Speakasia Online Pte. Ltd.) which offers opportunity to make money from paid online surveys. There offer seems to be legitimate opportunity for anyone who wants to make money from home with a computer and internet connection.

Today it has spread its wings across India at large and other SAARC countries namely Bangladesh and Nepal, as a number of people are its member and they make money when somebody joins  SpeakAsiaOnline using there referral, these members do not want to listen anything against this company or its opportunity and are trying to promote it as a honest money maker and some of them are also promoting it by spreading  that its a legitimate investment opportunity.

Well, I don't consider SpeakAsiaOnline to be a legitimate or honest opportunity due to a number of reasons, some of which I'm writing down. Please note that I personally don't have to say anything against anyone but its my duty to disclose my opinion when a number of Indians are fooling themselves and others, for something which may or may not exist in future and most of them are not making much money from Surveys alone but by recruiting others as member panelists.

Basic Information About SpeakAsiaOnline

SpeakAsiaOnline.Com on internet is nothing but a domain name owned and registered by someone for a private limited company registered in Singapore, this domain name itself was registered on 21st January 2010 and is only registered for 3 years right now i.e. upto 21st January 2013 today. Its official address is:

Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd.
10 Ubi Crescent, #07-68, Ubi Techpark,
Singapore 408564
RCB Number: 200618809D
Phone: 0065-63430887 / 0065-67493743
Fax: 0065-67422877

SpeakAsiaOnline is most popular in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, all of which are developing countries with a number of poor educated/semi-educated  youth, who are always looking for easy ways to make money without much efforts and a number of opportunities targeting this segment of market are frequently floated in various forms by many companies and people in the region.

Membership of this company Speak Asia Online from India has skyrocketed in last three months as its based on a MLM (Network Marketing) concept and people who are already a member are luring others to join due to a number of reasons.

Traffic Ranking of Speak Asia Online

You can see its latest Worldwide Traffic Ranking, it is ranking high in these three countries Bangladesh, India and Nepal which are still developing countries with a major part of population living below poverty line.

Please note that paid online surveys cannot uplift the economy of any country, these are only conducted by market research companies who pay participators who contribute there views about various products and services and help market research companies to know more about there customers mindset.

Is It A Scam or An Opportunity

Well it is not a real legitimate opportunity, its just an opportunity for scammers and those who only want to make money without considering its source and purpose, it is a good opportunity for people who can recruit others as member, just like common MLM opportunities, spread across market.

Here are few facts that may be considered:

1. is a web based business and its domain name was registered in year 2010 only. Anyone can register a domain name, even right now and then get a website designed by someone and if it works as per the plans, then one can extend registration for more years.

2. SpeakAsiaOnline is registered as a Pvt. Ltd. Company in Singapore and therefore is beyond the jurisdiction of Indian Laws. In India we don't know about the basic requirements of getting a company registered in Singapore, conditions on which it can work, its responsibilities etc. etc. Even here in India we can get our own private limited company registered if we are ready to invest few thousand rupees.

3. SpeakAsiaOnline is a membership based site i.e.,  one must invest in its membership before, he/she can participate in its weekly surveys and make money, the membership fee is $100 i.e, INR11,000 per annum, which has to be paid each year.

Please note no survey company in the world asks for money  from participants to take surveys. Surveys are conducted for market research and are therefore useful and even important for companies to understand market before launching a product or service or just to plan there business strategies, anyone can join some companies  without paying anything like Global Test Market (which pays in Indian Rupees via Cheque and do not deduct any redemption charges)  which conduct online surveys globally.

Companies or some people who maintain a database of such companies do ask for money to give access to there list of Paid Online Survey companies.

None of these companies charge a recurring annual fee.

4. SpeakAsiaOnline is paying 10 points (1 point equals 1 USD) which is too much for a country like India, Nepal or Bangladesh. I don't think that even companies that conduct surveys in USA/UK pay this much for a similar survey regularly.

5. Every good survey company conducts a preliminary survey of every participant before allowing him/her to take real survey and those who satisfy this are only allowed to take survey (cause there are limited number of participants allowed for a specific profile).

If you have already joined or are willing to join then please do read this post when its completed and share your views via commenting here. I'm quiet sure that there is something wrong with SpeakAsiaOnline Opportunity in India.

You can read more at Yahoo Answers India answers to a question on "What is Speak Asia Online?". You can see that almost all people who replied (except one) are members of this MLM company (Speak Asia) and trying to recruit other members under there own downline.

 Well, it seems a number of Indians have already invested there money in Speak Asia Online Opportunity and as the income from weekly surveys is limited, they are trying to recruit as many people as they can using various means (today I see more marketing propaganda online and offline) and personal resources.

I don't think either the company or its members should worry about this, our parliament in India is itself a house of a number of tainted MPs, and this is also the case with legislative assemblies, a number of scams and corruption cases are being surfaced and more are taking place and yet to be discovered. In-spite of all these facts and our familiarity with these issues and people we recruit/elect  same people after some time and they reach parliament and assemblies again???

Why, because we are Indians & Indians are known to be aware of there rights and duties. Read more in Facts About India Today.

Latest Speak Asia Traffic Explosion  Stats
as on 29/03/2011

Global Traffic Ranking is now 2,473 (courtesy, Indian Population)
Traffic Ranking in India now 125
Traffic Ranking in Bangladesh now 44 (decreased by 1 place)

Speak Asia Online on 21/04/2011 Global Rank 1935, India 107 has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 1,935. The fraction of visits to the site referred by search engines is roughly 9%. While approximately 88% of visitors to this site come from India, where it is ranked #107, it is also popular in Bangladesh, where it is ranked #40. Visitors to view an average of 17.7 unique pages per day. Relative to the overall population of internet users, the site's users are disproportionately male, and they are disproportionately low-income, childless people aged under 25 and over 65 who browse from home and school.
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Postman from India: Yogesh Bailwal at 10:13 AM
 Anonymous said...
Good one i like the way you express your concern. Thank you. Could you please say something about RAM SURVEY ?
12:02 AM
 Trial Blazer said...
nice and informative commentary about the scam. hope your writeup will help few people.
7:20 AM
 Anonymous said...
I think, You have searched only on internet. Have you ever tried to collect any knowledge from other sources. Have you ever tried to meet or ask SpeakAsia's management persons? It is not wrong if they has started the company on a small scale but now they are expending it as the company is growing. Company is going to take office in April in Goregaon, Mumbai. Company has a lot of plans too. They have appointed more than 150 managers. They are going to start advertising service. Which will help company to increase its revenue. And if a company is earning good and the concept and the business module is good, company will definitely survive. You know how to write a blog and can surf internet doesn't mean you are writing everything correct. Do proper research and know the concept and business module of the company then comment. Thanks
1:49 PM
 Anonymous said...
i agree
10:41 AM
 Yogesh Bailwal said...
Hi Anonymous,

You are right, most of the information that I've collected comes from online sources, but this doesn't mean that I am writing without the right information or the writing is baseless.

It is true that company is expanding because it is profitable but it doesn't mean that anyone who joins it will also make that much money.

Speak Asia Online is basically a MLM and they charge a high annual membership fee which is wrong and none of the legitimate survey companies across the world charges this much money for survey participation membership alone.

Can you tell me why this company is only successful in India and not in its parent country or anywhere else in developed countries.

Well, India is an amazing country, people like Parliament Attack convict Afzal Guru and terrorist involved in 2008 Mumbai attack Ajmal Kasab are yet to be hanged.

Our own leaders involved in Commonwealth Games 2010, 2G Spectrum Scam, Adarsh Housing Society, Bullet Proof Jackets and DRDO etc. etc. are well known and it is really shame that those who are involved are confidently denying all allegations.

I'm myself involved (or to say the least am a member of SpeakAsiaOnline) that is why I know how good or bad it is and I didn't joined it to make money alone but to test its legitimacy.

I'm myself a computer professional and online entrepreneur but I'm also a human and have some duties towards my country and country men.

I don't have anything against any company, but I do not want any innocent person who cannot even afford the membership fee to think that now he/she can be financially independent with this opportunity.

I don't write this blog for promoting something, or for my business, it is my modest attempt to open my heart and disclose my feeling to my countrymen and to guide them towards right direction (in my opinion). Right to freedom is our fundamental right granted by Indian Constitution.

So, this post will not harm anyone it will only make them more aware and knowledgeable on the subject and after that one is free to take his/her own decision. I'm not even asking anyone to join under my own referral id.

Thanks for visiting and sharing your views.
10:39 PM
 Anonymous said...
beautifully explained!!! great job yogesh!
11:00 AM
 Anonymous said...
I went through your findings/observation on speakasiaonline, keenly. You have mentioned that you are a member of the above company. Which membership are you holding? Are you a premium member or standard? Do you have any grievance of non receipt of payment for the survey you have done. Please let us know so that the same can be taken up. Let us not mislead innocent people. I do agree one should not go ahead blindly.
10:23 AM
 Anonymous said...
Please don't register to speakasia online.Its s fake company. I am a part of that company and m still suffering from that..
10:03 PM
 Anonymous said...
Hi Yogesh & Anonymous,

I think, we all are there with the same amount of risk involved. The company charging / paying high is not a problem, but we must enquire whether the surveys floated are genuine? Is the income really coming from the clients who are conducting surveys?. In my opinion, these are the basic questions. If the answers to these questions are "yes", then we should not think much about its integrity.

Let's divert our efforts towards these questions.


7:48 AM
 Rehman said...
I agree with you, the company looks like another Orange Group which duped thousands in Bangalore,
They dont have any face or give info about all its promoters, members, nor make any Media/PR Events, if the MNC's and Reputed companies are paying them to conduct surveys they should disclose their names, SurveyMonkey is the best and reliable when it comes to conducting the survey and they dont charge you a buck to answer,
1:40 AM
 Yogesh Bailwal said...

Thank you all for sparing time to visit and read and now for that anonymous comment above, which seems to be from some representative of Speak Asia Online. Well, Dear friend I am not talking about my personal experience with this company and it has nothing to do with this blog (you can see other posts on this blog, this is not a new blog but now more then 4 years old).

This post isn't an indication of my personal losses with the company or may be a way to take advantage to make some profit, well its about real honest facts which I feel to be worth posting.

Well, every Indian isn't corrupt, some of us still do a little work for our country and society, so please don't misunderstand this post or blog and spare time to intro-inspect the facts mentioned above Like:

1. Should anyone pay to take paid surveys?

2. Your company says that this fee is to provide education on filling surveys and those who have been taking surveys and can prove this will not have to pay this fee.

3. I know a number of well do people, most of them are employed in MNC or other high paying jobs, who have taken more then one membership in various names to make money and are also recruiting others on there personal guarantee. Is this right, will such market research provide any help to understand market.

4. I know Indian companies don't pay such large sum of money to any online survey company even good companies don't pay more than one or two dollars, look at Ciao (a well known global survey company which is also present in India), they don't pay any cash in India, they only provide a coupon which can be redeemed at IndiatimesShopping site.

So, this is not a personal problem, I've been scammed by a number of sites, have faced business losses online, but I don't discuss such things here.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and commenting, I hope you won't mind it.
2:14 AM
 Anonymous said...
yogesh ji well said i agree with you.i would also like to take the name of TERACAP which spread its wings in the rural parts of uttar pradesh and ran away with billions of rupees of innocent rural people.Speakasia is a fake company and is trying to spread its wings in india
11:12 AM
 Anonymous said...

I also consider this as a scam in the making - Manmohan B
10:13 PM
 Anonymous said...
Yogesh, you are right. The only thing people should know is, their is no easy money. You need to work hard to earn money. One of the person told me that i can earn almost 3.5lac per day in a by just working 3 months in this concept. and the person is himself working in concept for 8 months and is looking for a used bike.
10:59 AM
 Anonymous said...
no office in india. you can scan the whole site and all you will get is email ids and phone numbers.
besides all this one has got to be highly suspicious when a company asks for money before they start paying you the large sums. after all its not an investment. at best u can compare it to a part tme job. who ever registers with large sums except when there is an impending scam.
10:43 AM
 Anonymous said...
look at it in another way a Corrupt Indian Politician having thousands of crores in foreign accounts makes this company and pays its Indian company or franchisee consisting of his agents and pays 100 dollars per survey to this company which pays 10 dollars to panelist to make it look genuine so the Indian agent or franchisee who is another front for the Indian politician gets 90 dollars as legitimate profit in India So the black money comes back and the company may not be a cheat as far as its dealings with panelists are concerned
8:53 AM
 Anonymous said...
Dear friends
My view on speakasia online survey
Please use your mind. Think of this question.

1. why company is asking for $ 220 for joining? That too every year.
Don’t you think it is wise to get Rs. 7000 or even 6000 per month instead of rupees 8000 (after paying $220 (Rs. 11000), without paying the joining fees of $ 220 ( Rupees 11000). Why company does not provide that option? As company can save Rs. (2000X 12 Month) = Rs. 24000.00 against joining fee of Rs. 11000. Because “ YOU KNOW BATTER” think it.
It is a common that if you want make a crowd fool, you have to act as a fool in primary stage.
To catch a fish one has to spend money for food for the fish.

( in hindi “ Ladki ko patane ke liye ‘DANA’ dalna padta hai.”

Pl think of it. And take decision
9:37 PM
 prats said...
My friends have recommended SPEAKASIAONLINE, now i'm in two minds...
1:42 AM
 gyanendra said...
Yogesh Ji,
Today even Big Companies are asking for security deposite before recruiting new people. If Company doesn't charge anything, every tom, dick and harry will run to join Speak Asia. That will be even more easy money. Whereas company wants people, who have buying capacity.
You yourself are making money out of it and are criticizing it here.(Jis Thali Mein Khate Ho Usi mein Ched karte Ho.)
If you have to criticize, criticize those people who are using it otherwise by creating Fake Ids. If you have guts, send those IDs to Speak Asia and tell us if they are not cancelled.
People have their head on their shoulders. Don't put wrong ideas in their minds and deny them a opportunity, which you've grabbed without thinking twice and are telling us tht you did it for research and not even telling that you are being paid or not.
This is your frustration coming out as you are not able to earn as much your friends are earning out of it as you've not been able to get people join under you.
People, you have your head. Use it.
I denied the oppurtunity six months back and as i heard to people like Mr Yogesh. Company is still here and doing seminars all over countryside. TV programs are also there. What else you need to believe it.
And mind you, its not easy to convince people to join below you in the presence of minds like Mr Yogesh. So, don't assume it easy money at all. Yes please be genuine. get genuine people to join. Be truthful to yourself...
11:41 PM
 Anonymous said...
hey friends i have invested 3000000 lakh rupees in this company and now again i m going to invest another 200000 lakh in this company so can i invest or not?
5:40 AM
 Yogesh Bailwal said...
Hi Gyanendra,

Thanks for commenting and expressing your views, I don't have any problem with such comments, especially (जिस थाली में खाते हो, उसी में छेद करते हो, दोस्त, यह इस देश दुर्भाग्य है कि आज भी हम वेब पर अपनी राष्ट्रीय भाषा हिन्दी में लिखने में असमर्थ हैं).

Well, I respect your feelings and emotions but I think you've misunderstood this post, I haven't told anyone to stay away from it, everybody is free to think and act.

Whether I am making money or not (from this program or not) is not a question here, its about the whether this opportunity is based on solid fundamentals or not.

If yes, then why is it only getting popular in India and its poor neighboring countries, to be frank, even if an American is able to get $10 per survey, he/she will be very much interested.

And what about the people who do not have a computer or internet connection and some of them may be traveling to take these surveys (telling others that they are doing some job) in rural areas and what if they miss some surveys each month or year.

Well, I am an Indian and if you think I am misguiding anyone then please provide some facts.

Now on facts, do you think this program can eradicate poverty of India, if all of them are able to join, some of us can volunteer to fill surveys for people who are uneducated and unable to operate computer or do not know english. We can arrange laptops with internet to take surveys for some people everyday. (We can use services of unemployed youth, who too can join this program along with volunteering).

I haven't ever written about these tiny issues in this blog, but now I think people are more interested in making money then judging something as good or bad.

I don't know what is frustrating you in this blog post, I am even receiving emails and phone calls (on number which is no where mentioned here).

Well, why don't you ask some NGO to distribute some IDs to the poor educated youth, to help them and may send a proposal to our finance minister, so that India grow at even higher rate.

Do you know, even China has a population similar to India (mentality and financial) but such companies do not exist there, they are only flourishing in India, because we Indians today are very short sighted, we are satisfied if we are in profit.

अधमा धनम इच्छति
धन मानो च मध्यमा
उत्तमम मानम इच्छति
मानो ही मेहताम धनम

I hope some people still remember the philosophy of India.

Anyway, thanks for expressing your views and making India proud of you.
1:21 PM
 robin said...
I have two id in speakasiaonline and being paid by it from past 7 month even though I havent joined a single member. I have already earned 30000 with it. My friend want to invest but on my risk which I cannot take. I want to ask what is harm there if I can earn some extra bux. I am not taking it as get rich quickly but I became member because I felt I can afford to take the risk of 22,000. Even if the company have ran away that time with my money I wouldnt had cried it foul because knowingly I have taken the risk. Same goes with even some legal prospects. Like I am regular trader and sometime lost more than that within a week. So its risky if you want to earn fast money.

I would rather say that one should must invest at their own risk if they want to. And investing on borrowed or loan money isnt wise in any form of MLM Company.
As far as I know that it is not active in Nepal as all forms of MLM is banned there. I dont know when you take that alexa traffic pic because I regularly check every week it and never saw Nepal there. I think it is re-edited.
7:27 AM
 Anonymous said...
Dear Yogesh,
I like your research and guidence to our Indian. But now I have invested in Rs 22000 which I can not afford as a loss.Now I am listening that, the speak asia is going to close in this financial year to avoid tax filling etc.
What you think, will it happen?
10:41 AM
 Yogesh Bailwal said...
Hi Robin,

You've taken calculated risks and are now making profits (which currently stand at Rs 8000 after deducting your investment of Rs 22000).

I've written this post to provide a clear picture to those who or mislead or misinformed and if everyone understand the things like you do then I don't have any problem.

Well, as far as Nepal is concerned, I personally don't know about there law on MLM and whether its banned or not. Even if it is banned people can join on a fake id (address) of there relatives/friends in India. Else what could be the reason that it had such a high rank in Nepal as on 4 Feb 2011.

I've reconfirmed there traffic stats today now its ranking and traffic from India has climbed to 143 from 328 on 4th Feb and its traffic/ranking in Bangladesh has climbed to 40 from 43, which means that more people are now interested in this opportunity (or have joined this company in India today) today then a few weeks back.

I'm not approving or denying the business model of this or any similar company, its about right to information, right to know the truth. People are free to do what they want to do but they must know the facts.

Now for the anonymous comment above, dear friend you can also follow steps of Robin and try your best to at least recover your investment by completing there surveys every week, if you want to do it honestly then please don't recruit any member who is misinformed.

I personally feel, that company will stay here for few more months until there profit margin declines. Right now, they are recruiting a huge number of members everyday and are definitely making more then what they've to pay.
9:36 AM
 Jutamaro said...
The company is registered in Singapore and not in India. In India it is operating through franchisees who collect cash from aspirants (not cheque mind you) and then these franchisees transfer their equivalents points back to Speak Asia. Thus this is unaccounted cash in the hands of the franchisees. In other words Speak Asia is promoting black money in India as no Income Tax is paid on the same. For the last one week all surveys have stopped because the Government of India has risen to the occasion of blocking all transfer to funds and demanding PAN numbers of all members all full details of all earning to be made available to the government departments on real time basis. To incorporate these requirements in their software, SpeakAsia has suspended operations temporarily or may be permanently.
2:19 AM
 Anonymous said...
Open this link.

Type Registration no. as 200618809D

and we can that speak asia is registered in singapore but it does not hold a of Certificate of Compliance.

According to the government.

Certificate of ComplianceThis Certificate is awarded to companies in recognition of their efforts in complying with the statutory requirements on Annual Return filing.

Only companies that meet the requirements of holding its Annual General Meeting on time with its accounts up to date and the Annual Return filed within the prescribed period will be awarded the Certificate.

If at any time in future the company breaches any of the requirements, the Certificate awarded will be withdrawn. The icon under the heading "Certificate of Compliance" will be replaced with the words "NOT ELIGIBLE".

A newly incorporated company is also not eligible for the certificate if it has not held its first AGM and that AGM is not due.

Also some of the flaws I find are
1) They are asking 11,000 fees to join and fill surveys. And if you sponsor 2 persons in left and right leg you get 2000 in your account. THAT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME. Just by increasing the tree I am getting paid. where is that money coming from? Obviously it comes from 11,000.

2) The surveys that the company gives, from where are they coming? and if the companies are paying them MONEY to take surveys then why are they taking a high fees of 11,000 from us

3) No legit MLM gives you money back for increasing the TREE because they actually do not get any money if people join unless they take from them.
Eg: I am an Amway IBO, we do not get any money from Amway even if we sponsor 1000 people. Unless there is a product flow in my tree and Amway actually does a profit I do not get anything. That makes perfect sense to me; and the membership fees is only 995 for one year and I get 20% discount on all products. And YES Amway is no Easy Money like SpeakAsiaOnline where you just increase your tree and you start getting paid.
Amway is registered in more than 40 countries including China.
Amway publishes all the information in Amalgram magazine but SpeakAsiaOnline does nothing. I don't understand where the money is coming for surveys.

Any legit MLM will have the following things
1) They have a product which can be data entry for some companies or home products like Amway etc. from where they make actual profit and give you the profit since you are increasing their volume by expanding their tree.

2) They are registered properly, not like SpeakAsiaOnline who does not pay its taxes.

3) There is no easy money in this world and SpeakAsiaOnline is just an expection.
6:43 AM
 Anonymous said...
there is no easy money.all the comments above tell us of smtning fishy in speak the fact was brought out and forecasted, speakaisa has not been giving surveys for last half month.there r reasons given of bandwidth and technical prob but i am sure its the beginning of the end of the company......
10:31 AM
 Anonymous said...
Dear bloggers,

helloooo!!!! i think we are merely beating the boast about and primarily missing the main plot. whether speakasia is genuine or not is to be searched joint rather than colloiding eachohers oponions. i myself is registered with speakasia but still more than eager to know what lies in the crux. agreed with Mr. Yogesh there are no free lunches in this world but then it is equally true that many of the penalist have alredy enjoyed the grand lunch and they are willing to relish more of it desperately. going by the famous saying " there is always two sides of a coin" we should try to looks at pros and cons of the matter neutrally. truely there is not concentrate legal document to cement the speakasia claims but then i have heard of the ways and means by the virtue of which they are flourishing these revenues to its penalists. in brief it is like they are earning some 25 odd USD per survery out of which they are alloating 10USD to each of its correct survery filler of he salient feature is that it is b;eing aggresively publisised on nationlal channel NDTV imagine which has it own reputation to recon with. Also regular seminars are been conducted at various cities across india to educate its penalis and other aspirants. Few of which i personally attended so that i can atleast vouch for that. however im also more and more trying to dig out more info on these before i explore it to my friends and kins. Moreover i have known from there NDTV telecast that thery are launching there exclusive Speakasia TN channgust'2011 which if is true than its not a mean task. So keeping my fingers crossed that all the clouds sorrounded over these proves to be wrong as this is indeed a fantaboleous opportunity to earn money for your opinion. We should always be open to newer arena of marketing and its benefits with positive view and so little bit of risk is worth it. Who knows it may click big time and is well on its way to bring revolution in the field of marketing.
5:24 AM
 Anonymous said...
The first proof of scam is below email.

Also not that SurveyMonkey allows you to create GOLD survey which costs Rs9990 per year, and that is why SpeakAsiaOnline takes 11,000 from you people so that it can create its own surveys by taking money from you and then give it back to you.
Also it makes no sense to give money back to you for simply increasing the tree.


Dear Speak Asians ,

I am addressing my fellow Speak Asians with a purpose to clear all misgivings about the surveys and related issues . I know that there has been a disruption in surveys , resulting in all kinds of fear and misgivings . To clear the clouds of doubts and anxiety , I wish to share the facts and exact situation as it is :

1. The surveys are given to us as questions in text format by respective clients .

2. These questions are then converted into proper questionnaire in a survey using application which is a 3rd party hosted service.

3. We were using one of the best hosted sites –Survey Monkey which had major market research companies as well as corporate across the globe as their clients. While this was a key point for their selection, this also made them more rigid and less open to changes required by our ever growing community of consumers .

4. Due to internal problems and lack of bandwidth to cope up with our 1 million strong panel base , survey monkey systems failed to deliver as per our requirement . Thus we had to move the application to another hosted service- Novi Survey which we found was more receptive and had a better platform .

5. This shift from one application to another was quite challenging as the platforms were different and integration with our back end system took much longer than expected.

6. We could not transfer the old surveys from Survey Monkey to Novi Survey due to application change causing major disruption in old surveys which were not filled up by some panelists .

I am happy to share that we have now over come most of the issues and the status is as follows :

a) We have bought the entire application at a premium price and are now hosting it on our own servers. Hence the ownership of the application is ours and we shall not be dependent on any external vendor for running of our system.

b) We have made the surveys current and are working towards clearing the backlog.

c) Panelists who did not complete the previous surveys are being given extra time to complete so that they do not lose out on their earnings.

d) To handle the slow response , we have done load balancing and made surveys available to panelists Zone wise .

I would like to appeal to all my fellow Speak Asians to help us in this transition. We are aware of the problems faced by you in the field and want to assure you that we are working extra hard to overcome the challenges. It will take another 10-15 days before the application for surveys will stabilize . So please bear with us for a little more time for a better future and spread this message of change amongst the fellow Speak Asians who are already 1 million strong and growing !

Warm regards

6:48 AM
 Anonymous said...
Hi yogesh ji.
i've invested the money in i have doubt about to loose my money for me it's not afforadable to take risk for 11k so plz help me
and give your ideas.. plzz
and calirfiy me
11:28 AM
 Anonymous said...
Its Hari,i have joined Speak asia recently after reading all comments (which are well said and very helpful for everyone...thanks a lot for saying...) i got into dilemma that whether shall continue or shall not..?
Is there any possibility that through which i can get back my money..pLease help me out for this...Thanks..
9:00 AM
 Anonymous said...
Hi Friends
Myself is Abdul, I just want to add most of the scams liked company do not get close down within a year or so, these are all long term game plan by that time they pull in billion of rupees, the persons among the last lots which becomes huge in number suffered the most.

I hope the people would have remember a City Limouzine company which was under legitimate registered company under Indian companies act., having head office at costliest place in mumbai at Nariman point.

City Limouzine company was running for more than eight year before its muuti crores scams came out and their per month cheque getting bounced. The promoter is I think still behind the bar but have made good amount of money for his generations to come. The people across nation are still to get atleast their principal money. The case is running under Indian law and may be it will continue to run for a decade and poor investors by then would have lost all hopes to get their money.

So as mentioned above by the panelist, even after taking a calculated risk, the human behavioural instinct is that the person will put more and take newer membership once he had recovered his membership fee.

So think twice before joining and all the best

Thanks and regards
11:32 PM
 Anonymous said...
I could not go through all the comments..just want to mention 2 things..
I am sure all members of this website are aware that surveys were not working properly few weeks back and the company spent huge amount to get there own servers instead of using third party servers. Why would they make such an investment if they plan to rob all? They can save money by using third party servers only which is a cheaper option and would also help them maintain some confidentiality in terms of getting caught!! No?

Secondly, i agree withbthe writer here thag they are paying Rs.500/survey which is huge amount but have you noticed the brand names mentioned in the surveys? There is a possibility that they get ordera from 4-5 different brands of same category and then make just one set of survey with all the relevant questions. They can make huge margins by doing so..right?

And more thing i'd like to add here..even if they dont get the same amount from companies that they pay us..the data can be processed in such a way that it can be sold to any new player in the market. Many companies do not want to wait for months and pick the report directly from such sources. This also answers your question where you asked "target market approached or not".

Having worked with a Market Reseach firm..i know story behind the doors.

I am not saying to trust this website completely..if you have spare money..try your luck..just dont think of this as your only source of income.

Thanks !!
1:40 PM
 Anonymous said...
think dear its not easy to distribute money means 4 time money against your 11k in a years..all the respected company are aware with all this scam, i think they never want to spoil his/ her name in the market in any cost.its just only money circulation after some time you see number of people cheated and number of people are under legal think before joining all the best.
12:58 AM
 SAKIB said...
Definately I can tell SpeakAsiaOnline is a fraud company. A panalist can buy 3*10= 30 nos of maximum surveys per week. Wid a same answer do u think any company is damn fool like us who inspite of knowing the quality of answers and people involved in this company is going to pay a single rupee to this company Illiterate people in bunch buts(rather invest) in survey packs as panalists and hiring a person to fill up the survey answers. Also u pay for a year, amount gets credited after 30 days, and at the end of 52nd week u need to recharge(called as renew) ur pack in order to get the last 4 week(may be 5's money. Else u will loose atleast Rs4000 if u have bought a Premium panalist option.
#Quality of questions asked in surveys are horrible.
like Do u have a diesel car? whats ur preffered brand?r u satisfied?what u look in in ur preffered brand? r u willing to buy a car? what r u looking in that.
7:52 AM
 Anonymous said...
Very well said by yogesh dont register for speak asia surveys.....
11:45 PM
 Anonymous said...
Please dont write without knowing anything.
I am saying this because many Middle class families have invested in this company. If they read this they will be take tensions. By the way, Ihave already invested 33000 in this company.Its not been a month till now and i have already got 14k.So i dont think that this company is fake, rather i consider this as a good opportunity for the people to invest in this company.

2:42 AM
 Anonymous said...
hi yogesh, i appreciate your work and feelings,u really did good work.your feeling is much stronger than ur work,very few ppl have such a real stream towards a days everyone is money oriented only.ppl says it is everything but they forget that they r getting essential supplements from nature without any cost.which is the life.
8:23 AM
 Anonymous said...
लालच का परदा इंसान को अँधा बना देता है. 
कोई मानेगा नहीं.
बिना अपने मरे स्वर्ग या नरक नहीं दिखता है.
2:08 AM
 Anonymous said...
dr manoj yadav,
i completely agree with your views.
the company is a total fraud company.
survey has to be done in a particular manner.
survey can be random or be very specific.
but they seem to add all kinds of people without any specification.they have no creteria for selction of education background is needed.
every tom ,dick and henry is allowed to enter .
this fact clearly shows that they are out to rob poor and uneducated people .that's why they have registered in singapore instead of india.
people who join say that they charge rs 11000 so that the panelist can promote the company.
i had attended a meeting held in sndt santacruz.
they said nothing about the company .only people who had made money told there experince and received some gifts.
9:24 AM
 ruchi madan said...
yogesh u have actually confused though i have already got my profits back but was thinking to invest more in am confused.yogesh i need ur help can i have ur email id to discuss more about it.

Ruchi Madan
2:01 PM
 Syed Sinofer said...
See speakasia is a bridge between consumers and companies. its a new business model which will certainly control the price of every product which is sold trough retail market. Since speakasia is launching direct marketing all the products would be sold on discounted price.

Its a win win scenario for speakasia / individuals ( panelist of speakasia ) and the companies.

6 months back speakasia was just a survey company and they lasted till today because they where getting revenue from the market research what they where doing. Now with the launch of direct marketing the company is gona a make a revolution and all speakasias are gone a earn money byu doing surveys and save money by purchasing the products. End of the day what you save is your earnings.

Please be clear about the vision of speakasia. if u have any doubts please call me for a discussion. Syed 9884150616
8:02 PM
 Anonymous said...
Dear friends,
Many years ago when few NRI came to India with a concept call AMWAY Enterprises people have told the same way the news flashing on SpeakAsia today... But see the power of MLM and Amway which is 1000 cr. co. today in India and spread all over the world, but still there are people who say's it will run away with public money...I just want to ask them will they take something from us or will they give us a hope that we can earn in any situation.
Today people die due to no job, no vacancies and many people fall on a wrong path...I think personally these MLM business is at least giving them hope to earn and do invest that earned amount on a right path for there future.

There is a saying: Its a crab race where every crab is busy pulling down the other one down coz he can't come up..
11:25 PM
 Anonymous said...
Early days of evaluating this Survey company, after the above comments. Some points:
1. Contractual relationship: 11k is paid towards a subscription for a weekly ezine to educate the new panelist about the market for the products/services to be surveyed?;

2. So 1. above is no different from a paid subscription to well known SAAS services such as or Basecamp..etc, who also do not have an Indian office?;

3. The panelist is provided surveys over the next 12 months, so his earnings are a direct result of his survey taking efforts (not passive income as a return of some sort)?;

4. The USP seems to be, that as a survey panelist, you are also part of an online community of panelists? This is where the platform differs from other Survey sites?;

5. Launching startups in India or China 1st and then moving to geographies that are better enabled in terms of Infrastructure is an old Israeli style Software company tactic, which has proven very succesful for Israelis, so why not Asians launching in India?

6. Has any panelist not received an ezine as yet?

7. Has any panelist taken a survey, which was accepted and then not been rewarded?

Please advise, one is in 2 minds about wanting subscribe for this eZine.
5:09 AM
 Spidey said...
My Friend is saying he has invested rs 33,000 and earned rs 25,ooo till now and will earn rs,16,500 per month is it true to earn this much from speak asia online plzzz do reply........

should i join or not
6:54 PM
 Anonymous said...
dear all

speakasia is a very genuine company and make money and fulfil ur dreams dont get too much logical and efficient bcoz so much efficiency somtimes is a block in ur road to success

8:15 PM
 Yogesh P said...
Thank you all for your views.
Me Yogesh P. is sharing views totally out of my research & experience of running business enterprises at highest level. I am neither an employee nor with any wasted interest in putting my views here.
I declare that I am a Speak Asia panelist since last two months.
Speak Asia was never intended to be a survey site. The owners must have thought of making world's largest e portal in short time. A developing economy like India with fastest growing middle class & an avg GDP of over 8% was the right choice. I fully endorse view expressed by various bloggers that surveys are not genuine. There may not be a client for each survey & may not be paying such high amounts. As the community is growing nobody needs such large survey sample size of 12.5 lac people & growing each day. In short real survey income may be much smaller then actually being distributed.So where is the money coming from. Your joining amount & don't worry as long as the numbers are growing. But from a survey site the company will grow to an e-portal & its huge number of panelists will be the key to its success. Already the company plans to show advertisement to its panelists. Friends! u know its much easy to get advt. rather then surveys. So this company from May 2011 will start earning huge money through advts & will be able to keep paying u on name of survey. But whats in a name silly.U will be paid for watching advertisements in reality & not for survey( "market research'). But trust me Speak Asian community will be much larger then highest rated (trp) prime time TV viewers. My business sense says that speak asia will go for a very successful transition into its third & final phase of becoming full fledged e portal. You will get unbelievable deals through it & no multinational can afford to ignore a company having 10 million Indians & more.... Your Database with Speak asia is your strength. So don't worry the company has a future as long as India is growing. My dear learned friends your comments & feedback are welcome
7:02 AM
 manish said...
there is a problem with indians. if u r paid more than also you doubt and if you dont get money you are happy . i have joined speakasia and i am earning what they have mentioned so its waste of time thinking just join
11:43 AM
 Advocate Sushill Jain said...
Hi i am also penelist of this company.
But i am confused it is fake or not.
2:16 AM
 Anonymous said...
I saw few of my friends getting money from speak asia for the survey they have done and now i too have joined.
5:43 AM
 Anonymous said...
See I have got a call from an official from speakasia. He was explaining about the company. The detail about the company that you have given above is some what right but you can't say that its a scam untill you get enough goods to back you. He was telling that in the month of may the company will be bound with the tax rules of india and the fees will be little hiked from 11000. And its has got an office at mumbai. Soon they are going to open office at bangalore.
5:52 AM
 Kishore said...
Hey folks..
Just be careful about following aspects:
1. What’s the main revenue source of the company, from which it’s paying money to the individuals? Is it the so called ‘survey’ services it provides to the industry? If it is so, then why the company is asking a steep joining fee of $120 in an MLM model ? I feel it is basically money which is collected from members are paid to other members. So BEWARE of this “Money Circulation Scheme” which is BANNED in most of the countries in the world including India.
2. If the company claims to be MLM, are they registered members of Singapore Direct Selling Association, which is a very very famous body only for legal, legitimate MLM/ Network Marketing companies ? I know this company is not a member..
3. Remember one thing : There is nothing called ‘easy money’ or ‘get rich quick’ scheme in legitimate MLM companies. Any Good Network Marketing company is identified by 3 main factors:
i) Promoted by reputed promoters….Exclusive products or services, not money circulation
ii) Sustainable model at least over 10 years. This can happen if the company has really good products/ services and have a along term objective
iii) Good Compensation model
iv) Consistently persistent hard work for 3-5 yrs at least to become financially free
Be awake…not to get fooled

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  1. now i know is all fake thanks to save me

  2. Appreciate your work and feelings,u really did good work.your feeling is much stronger than ur work,very few ppl have such a real stream towards a days everyone is money oriented only.ppl says it is everything but they forget that they r getting essential supplements from nature without any cost.which is the life. I dnt wana make others fool